Send Letters From Your App

A simple API to send letters from your system to your users in the UK

Simple API call

Implement a super-simple cURL call to our API to add your message to the queue. We provide sample code for command line and PHP, with other languages coming soon.

$ curl \
   -u cs_app_123ABC123abc123ABC123: \
   -d "name=Mr John Smith" \
   -d "address1=123 Mulderry Street" \
   -d "address2=28 Safford Close" \
   -d "address3=Hildon" \
   -d "towncity=Bournemouth" \
   -d "county=Dorset" \
   -d "postcode=BH14HB" \
   -d "service=1" \
   -d "colour=true" \
   -d "debug=true" \
   -d "file="

Simple pricing

Pricing doesn't need to be complicated. Take the cost of the stamp, 60p for First Class, 50p for Second Class, then for colour add 25p for the first page of your document, and 15p for each subsequent page, for black and white add 15p and 5p for each subsequent page.

50pSecond Class
60pFirst Class
15pFirst Page (B&W)
25pFirst Page (Colour)
5pEach B&W page after that
15pEach Colour page after that

Fully Automated Dispatch

A robotic system prints, packs, seals and prepares your mail for dispatch the same working day if before 4pm or next working day if after 4pm.

Pay As You Go

Top up your account from £1 and pay only for what you use. Auto TopUp ensures you don't run out of credit by topping up by a specified amount when your balance is low.

Support You Can Count On

Our team exists to support you in every way. Our knowledge base answers many questions, and where it doesn't, you can chat direct to our team.